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kVASy Power Sales - A New Dimension of Energy Marketing

In order to attract new customers and at the same time retain existing customers, you need a flexible product and pricing policy. kVASy Power Sales allow you to optimise your customers’ accounts and bring new products from conception to the market place in just one hour; they also provide the highest level of price flexibility, allow for quicker implementation and at the same time reduce processing costs.

kVASy Power Sales offer a solution for energy marketing across the whole of Germany, starting with the design of the product and passing through account management right up to invoicing, sub ledger accounting, payment transactions and the management of receivables.

Processes of kVASy Power Sales

Take advantage of our full range of solutions which can be implemented quite easily either from a single source as a process service or as a cloud-based system.

kVASy Power Sales: give you rapid success on the market, a higher level of customer retention and safeguard your profitability in a sustainable way.