Press releases 2015

Constellation concludes acquisition of SIV.AG

The Canadian company Constellation Software Inc. has successfully concluded its acquisition of SIV.AG via its 100% subsidiary N. Harris Computer Corporation, acquiring indirect control after approval was granted by the competition authorities.

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SIV.AG joins the Harris Group

SIV.AG, based in Roggentin, has today signed an agreement with Harris Computer Corporation (“Harris”), a subsidiary of Constellation Software Inc. (“Constellation”). As well as signalling a change of ownership for the company, this agreement marks the start of a new era for SIV.AG, Harris and the European supply market. The agreement has still to be approved by the supervisory authorities.

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The SIV.AG Group ends the 2014 business year with a growth in sales of 4.5%

The SIV.AG Group recorded 34.6 million euros in total turnover for the past business year, thereby achieving a significant growth in sales of 4.5% compared to the previous year. The BPO business of the process service provider SIV Utility Services GmbH – a 100% subsidiary of SIV.AG – also continued to gain momentum in 2014.

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Highest Safety Standards Met

SIV.AG successfully completes audit for ISO 27001

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No Limits. SIV.AG at E-world energy & water 2015

SIV.AG presents cutting edge concepts for the future of the energy and water sectors at E-world energy & water.

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